Guidelines for pulling your look together

My sessions are really easy-going, relaxed, and playful. In order to feel comfortable, the key is to dress for the location. For example, if your session is taking place at the beach you’ll want to wear comfortable and easy to remove shoes such as flip-flops or sandals.  Session taking place in the forest preserve, park or beach will involve you sitting down and possibly running and playing with kids, so ensure to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wrinkled or sand on.  However, if we are doing an urban session in the city, it’s appropriate to wear heels and tailored clothing such as a nice blazer and slacks for men.  Most important, select an outfit that make you feel confident and beautiful.

Accent Color + Main Color

Start with a statement piece for yourself – typically a nice dress or top.  If your statement piece has multiple colors, pick out one or two colors and carry them over into your other family member’s outfits.  Add the accent color in the form of accessories such as a cardigan, belt, scarf, shoes, jewelry, tights, undershirt/tie (for guys). This will add flare to the images and tie the whole look together.  Another great way to coordinate your clothing is to stick color families – some colors go well together such as navy, white and tan.  When you mix any of these 3 colors in everyone’s outfits, the end result will be very cohesive and appealing.  The key is to have everyone complement each other, without wearing identical outfits.

Colors that go well together:

  • Navy/blue, whites, tan/brown
  • Tan/brown, orange, white, black
  • Greens, blues, whites
  • Blacks, whites, greys
  • Blacks, off-whites/greys, yellow
  • Different shades of pinks (not hot pink) – think dusty rose or blush, whites, tan

 *Muted colors work well together and don’t take away from your family’s faces. 


Basics to Remember

Solid colored clothing with nice textures always photographs best. Think: knits, chunky sweaters, linen and silk, lace trimmed dresses.
Layering is a modern and a warm way to style your family especially in the colder months.
Choose an accent color or two to avoid a “matchy-matchy” look.
Don’t forget to accessorize

Clean your ring or jewelry for best sparkle

Get a fresh manicure (or take polish completely off) 

Men – trim your beard or get a clean shave, and clean your nails


What NOT to Wear

Clothing with logos, graphics, and very busy patterns (stripes) and bright colors (especially: red, bright yellow, orange, or hot pink) tend to detract from the actual subject and are best avoided. It’s also best to avoid anything too trendy, too sexy, and sportwear/leisurewear.  The goal is to have a timeless outfit that will not age your pictures in a few years from now. 


If you are a visual person like myself and need to see some outfit ideas for inspiration, head on over to my Pinterest page where I have pinned some great seasonal looks!  

Moreover, I’d be more than happy to help style your session virtually – give me a call and we can discuss further!