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It was a bit different working with older kids… Lets just say my poopoo talk, recital of ABC’s and singing “If you’re happy and you know it”, didn’t seem to get them a tad bit excited (what!?).  Plan B.  Plan B was of course to let them blow some steam off and play with dad!  That seemed to have worked like a charm, for a few minutes, until it backfired…outfits were getting dirt on them and such.  And now everyone was just trying to get them to calm down a bit so that we could actually get a few nice photos of the family.  Not an easy task but doable.  🙂  In the end, after all the sweat, blood and tears (well, there was no blood, I think), I captured some beautiful images of this awesome family.  Can’t wait to see that they will have in store for me next year! 😉

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